Presenting: the ABA English app!

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More exciting news! You can now learn English on the go with the ABA app, which you download for free at the Play store or Apple Store.

Here’s what one user had to say:

John Smith Sanon

I love ABA English, I’ve never found a better way to learn English. I’ve already recommended it to a lot of people. I also love this app, it works great, and I’m hoping that the complete courses will be available on it very soon.

Start by taking the level test to find out where to begin. There are 6 levels from Beginner to Business.

Every day you will be able to access a new video class for your level and you can watch them with English, Spanish, Italian, French or Portuguese subtitles. And when you become more fluent, with NO subtitles!

There are 144 video classes in total for you to learn a ton of new grammar and new vocabulary.

This is what Unit 16 looks like:

ABA English app

Teacher Sarah will be teaching you all about the adverbs of frequency “always” and “sometimes”. You will receive a comprehensive explanation and lots of examples to understand the grammar.

We hope you enjoy our app and learn lots of new English!

And tell us: where do YOU use the app?

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