Phrasal Verbs about Money

Hello everyone! How are you this week? We hope you’re enjoying October!

Whether it’s the beggining of the month or the end, we always talk about money. So today’s a perfect opportunity to learn some verbs and phrasal verbs about money: having money, not having money, wanting money…

Let’s learn some English!

To borrow – to take and use (something that belongs to someone else) for a period of time before returning it.
To earn – to get (money, a salary, etc.) for work that you have done.
To lend – to give (something) to (someone) to be used for a period of time and then returned.
To pay – to give money for goods or services.
To save – to keep (someone or something) safe : to stop (someone or something) from dying or being hurt, damaged, or lost.

To get by – to have just enough money for what you need in life.
To run up a debt – if you run up a debt, you do things which cause you to owe a large amount of money.
To pay back – to return money that you owe.
To save up – to keep money to achieve a certain goal e.g. buying a house.
To splash out on – to spend freely on something without worrying about it.
To chip in – to contribute some money with other people.
To get by – to be able to live or to do what is needed by using what you have even though you do not have much.
To cut back – to spend less money generally
To rip someone off – to charge someone too much money for something.


a. I’m trying to ______ to buy a bicycle. I

b. My friend Richard ________ a big debt last Christmas, he spent so much money on his credit card and couldn’t pay it back.

c. When I lost my job, I found it very hard to ________, I had to ask my parents for money.

d. The marketing team bought their boss a birthday present, they all _________.

e. She was sold a fake bag in the market the other day, I told her she’d been __________.

Good job doing the exercises! Now let’s listen to a classic ABBA song (not ABA!) about money:


  1. a) save up
    b) ran up
    c) get by
    d) chipped in
    e) ripped off

  2. Good afternoon!

    The exercise answers are:

    a) SAVE UP

    b)RUN UP

    c)GET BY



    I think that this new vocabulary is more useful and interesting.

    Have a great day!


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