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English Vocabulary for the Gym

Finally, a moment to herself! After a long day at work, an hour at the gym is just what she needs. With her leggings, trainers, and MP3 player, Julie is ready for her daily moment ...

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Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards

lady gaga poker face

I’m sure many of you like to listen to music. Some of that music is probably in English. Do you like to sing along to some of your favorite songs? I love singing along to ...

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Google Art Project

Have you seen the latest art project Google has started? Google has taken on a fascinating art project that allows for people to virtually visit some of the most famous museums in the world. Now you don't have to visit New York to go to the MoMA, you can tour it online!

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Creative Hobbies – Painting

Happy First Day of February! This month will be focused on the arts. To kick-start our focus on art this month we’d first like to ask you, our readers, what are some creative, artistic things ...

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