Learn English with the News: “Usain vs. a bus”

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It’s time for the news. And today’s news is all about running. And not just any running; we are talking about the fastest man on Earth!

Let’s find out more…

1. Read the text
2. Understand the vocabulary
3. Watch the news


He has raced against champion sprinters, but this time, his opponent has four wheels. Usain Bolt prepares to race against a bus in Buenos Aires. It comes as no surprise to many that Bolt is faster than the bus. The Jamaican sprinter won gold medals in the Beijing and London Olympics, and he says he’d like to set a record in Rio.

– One of my main goals is to go to the Rio Olympics, as I was saying, to do it again. To defend my titles and it’s never been done three times so, for me, that’s me trying to set the bar as high as possible, just to push the barrier.

Bolt holds three world records. In 2009, he galloped the 200m run at 19.19 seconds.


808361-usain-bolt-races-busRace – a competition between people, animals, vehicles, etc., to see which one is fastest.

Sprinter – a person who sprints (to run or go very fast for a short distance).

Opponent – a person, team, group, etc., that is competing against another in a contest.

Set the bar – to make a standard or level that other people or things will have to meet.

Gallop – to run very fast : to run at a gallop (like a horse).


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