Learn English with the News: “Ski and swim”

Howdy partner,

Let’s keep up with the news and learn some new vocabulary today.

You know the steps:

1. Read the text
2. Understand the vocabulary
3. Watch the video


It’s not an event for the faint of heart. The Red Bull Jump and Freeze contest at a Georgian ski resort draws an array of costumed characters – all looking for a downhill thrill.

This motley crew is having a good time and it doesn’t look like water or weather could dampen their spirits.

– The Ninja Turtles are not afraid of cold.

– We are veteran Ninja Turtles and we want to remind people that we are back.

In its second year the costumed competition drew 24 contestants, including these newlyweds … hoping to glide their way to happily ever after.


VAD_0648Faint of heart – lacking the courage to face something difficult or dangerous — usually used in the phrase.

Draw – to cause (someone or something) to come : to attract (someone or something).

Array – a large group or number of things — usually singular.

Thrill – to cause (someone) to feel very excited or happy.

Motley – made up of many different people or things.

Crew – the group of people who operate a ship, airplane, or train.

Glide – to move in a smooth way.


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