Learn English with the News: “It’s prom time!”

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Despite being a mostly american tradition, proms have been gaining fame. A prom is a formal dance for high school students usually at the end of the school year.

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Sequins, mascara and high heels took the place of Hurricane Sandy’s damage and destruction in East Rockaway New York as teenage girls and boys prepared for their prom. East Rockaway High School North won the chance to have their dream prom after winning a contest held by internet company Rent The Runway.

Junior Molly Basto submitted the school and was shocked they won and even more surprised over the attention.

– I didn’t really expect it. We didn’t even know, I didn’t know what to expect. So this is beyond my dreams. This is awesome.

Students loaded into their newly renovated gym for a style party and had the opportunity to select a free dress, shoes and get hair and makeup tips for their big night. Rent The Runway co-founders Jenny Fleiss and Jenn Hyman said they created the contest as a way to continue the giving spirit that started in their office after the storm.

– When we were impacted by Hurricane Sandy as a business we started thinking about how it brought our company together. We really had a full team problem solving approach. And we wanted to do that for more people. And what better way then around a prom which is such a fun happy occasion for a senior class.

The company was founded in 2009 as a way to give thrifty consumers a way to borrow pricey designer looks for a fraction of the cost. However, for this occasion the teens will be able to keep their dresses.

– They’ve had enough taken away from them. We can let them have the dress.

As Thea Sieban walked around in her prom pick she couldn’t help but to express her excitement.

– It’s just a wonderful experience. Knowing the fact that we can get free dresses when we couldn’t afford it recently.

The teens will showcase their looks at the prom on June 30th which will be decorated by celebrity party planner David Tutera and topped off with surprise celebrity guests.


Prom_DressesSequins – a small piece of shiny metal or plastic that is sewn onto clothes as a decoration.

Mascara – a type of makeup used for darkening and thickening eyelashe.

Thrifty – managing or using money in a careful or wise way.

Pricey – synonym of expensive.

Showcase – to show (something or someone) in an attractive or favorable way.

Topped off – to end (something) usually in an exciting or impressive way.


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