Learn English with the News: “Apocalypse Christmas gift!”

Good morning everyone!

As many of you know, this December is predicted to be the end of the world; but whether you believe this to be true or not, check out these original Christmas presents!

1. Read the text
2. Understand the vocabulary
3. Watch the video


With a potential apocalypse approaching, Siberians are preparing.

Businesswoman Yuliana Shchegoleva is selling kits specially designed for an end-of-the-world event. But easily the most valuable item in the bag is a bottle of Russian vodka says Shchegoleva.

– Russian people want vodka no matter what, and for them it’s a matter of principal. They’re calling from various cities and asking “please, send us that yellow kit with the Russian vodka.’

But not all Russians are buying into the joke.

– It’s stupid to take vodka, there won’t be enough. Food is also useless, we’ll all die.

– I’d need a white sheet and white shoes, what else do you need if there’s an Apocalypse?

Well, Shchegoleva’s kit also contains a can of sardines, a box of matches, candles and other apocalyptic necessities. December 21st marks the end of the ancient Mayan civilization’s calendar, prompting some to predict a world-ending event. But the vital kits may not be available for long – the creators have run into trouble for selling vodka and medicine without a license.


Approaching – to move or become near or nearer to something or someone.

Kit – a set of parts that are put together to build something.

Item – in individual thing : a separate part or thing.

Prompting – to cause (someone) to do something.

Vital – extremely important.

License – an official document, card, etc., that gives you permission to do, use, or have something.


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