Learn English with the News: “A Meeting of Animals in the Bronx”

Hello lovely people!

Have you all been to a zoo? What’s your favourite animal? In the Bronx real and imitation animals are going to meet for the very first time…. Want to know more?

1. Read the text
2. Understand the vocabulary
3. Watch the video


They seem to be alive, until you look closer. Ten LEGO animals have taken up residence alongside their real counterparts at New York’s Bronx Zoo. The zoo says “LEGO Safari’s” goal is to educate children about the survival challenges these species face in the wild.

It took tens of thousands of building bricks and hundreds of hours to make the creatures. And some young visitors even preferred the LEGO versions.

– I think the LEGO ones because like, they were made. Like the animals just, no one makes the animals. The animals are just wild.

-It was really cool and it must have took a lot of effort to make those.

It’s not clear what the live animals think about their plastic companions – but they’re not paying them much attention.


Take up residence – move in to a home.

Counterparts – someone or something that has the same job or purpose as another.

Face – to deal with (something bad or unpleasant) in a direct way.

Companions – a person or animal you spend time with or enjoy being with.


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