Learn English with Stories: “Prince Amir”

Are you having a nice weekend?

Today’s lesson is with a story. The story of Prince Amir. Find out what difficulties he has to overcome!

1. Understand the vocabulary
2. Watch the video



Cheerfulness – to be happy.

Set out – to begin traveling in a particular direction.

Pans – a usually shallow and open metal container that has a handle and that is used for cooking or baking.

Misfortune – bad luck.

Exempt – not required to do something that others are required to do.

Taste – to sense the flavor of (something that you are eating or drinking).

Stew – a dish of vegetables and usually meat cooked in hot liquid for a long time.

Drew back – go back.

Sharply – suddenly and by a large amount.

Clumsy – moving or doing things in a very awkward way and tending to drop or break things.

Streaking away – to go or move very quickly.

In spite – without being prevented by. Used to say that something happens or is true even though there is something that might prevent it from happening or being true.

Light-heartedness –  having or showing a cheerful and happy nature.


  1. I adore novels and tales which remind me the time when I was a kid. How beautiful that period of my life! But this story has a deep message inside: to be positive even in the middle of our difficulties is possible and it is only up to us. After the storm there’s always the raimbow isn’t there? I’ll never forget the famous speech of an American professor (Columbia University) who invited his students to go on, never give up and win every obstacle with determination. His speech was strong, optimistic, full of energy (even if he had cancer) and so vibrant: the public everywhere was moved to tears …and only three months later he died. I think than inside stories we can always find the truth. Thank you Kate

    • Wow, what a sad story Roberto. Well, sad and inspiring at the same time. Were you there when he gave his speech? I’d love to know his name, see if I can find a video and upload it on the blog.

      Thanks for sharing your story and I’m so glad you found the message as positive as I did.

      • You can still watch it on: http://www.youtube.com/watch. In Italy it is called “l’ultima lezione di Randy Pausch: realizzare i propri sogni” (20/9/2010). RE/MAX USA sent it to all the agents in the Planet, in order to help us to appreciate life and to motivate ourselves. They said that all the Americans were moved to tears and that in the theatre the applauses were endless. I was moved too and I will never thank enough Randy for his fantastic last lesson OF LIFE!

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