Learn English by Playing Fortnite

Are you addicted to gaming? Then you have definitely heard about Fortnite. Now, if you are not so up-to-date in the novelties of video games, in this article we will not only tell you what Fortnite is about but will also propose some ideas about how you can learn English and have fun with this video game.

Without a doubt, in today’s world, there are thousands of ways to learn and practice English. Some enjoy reading, others music, others watch videos on platforms like YouTube, others are moviegoers who take advantage of the cinema to improve their English. There are an infinite number of ways to expose yourself to the language these days. Now, what better way to learn than to relax and play a video game while learning vocabulary, listening, and reading the language while interacting with other players. Fortnite is an excellent opportunity to learn English and have fun!

What is Fortnite About?

It is a strategy and survival game with excellent graphics. In essence, the objective is to survive, to help others survive, and to be the last one standing. The challenge is that as time passes, the map becomes smaller and it, therefore, becomes more difficult to survive. In reality, what you must achieve is to save the world along with the few humans that still remain on Earth, who are fighting for their lives. To help them survive, you must face monsters, zombies, and all kinds of threats. But how can you fight against all of that?

As you go through the map and the different screens, you will be able to collect different elements that will help you to build forts, weapons, and protective elements. So, as the commander you are, it is your responsibility to find the resources to protect yourself, your colleagues, and also to protect the survivors. You must do this while expanding the safe places to get the Earth back to what it was.

Fortnite: A Cooperative Video Game

Video games that were played individually were left behind a long time ago. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, you can play online and form teams with other players to interact and achieve the objective of the game.

This type of cooperative game allows you to practice and learn English since when forming teams with players from other parts of the world, you will be able to communicate with them in real-time English and expose yourself to a diverse selection of accents, expressions, and the specific vocabulary of the game.

What Vocabulary Can You Learn with Fortnite?

Well, this question has an extensive answer. The most important thing is to configure the game in English so that you can see all of the content in this language. Let’s start with the basics. In addition to the environment of the game with which you will begin to familiarize yourself with the menus, dialogues, and your inventory of materials, you will also find gaming vocabulary. Here is a basic list of terms:

Computer graphics


End user



Real-time strategy games


Battle royale


You will also find a good amount of vocabulary about materials, weapons, and construction elements. Here are some to familiarize yourself with:






And finally, you will find some phrases in English that will not only serve to help you understand the game but also to review the grammar and expand your vocabulary even further. Here are some phrases in English that you might find in Fortnite:

Bricks are great for building resistant walls.

Those are wooden planks; you may need them.

With metal, you can create strong structures.

You need some serious firepower.

Sometimes, you will need a ninja sword.

Are you ready to save the Earth? With Fortnite you will surely collect many elements to survive and win the game. Would you also survive with your English? If you are interested in improving your level in the language, try the online course from ABA English. They offer 144 free video classes and the same number of short films that have been designed so that you can learn English in an entertaining way.

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