Who eats at Langan’s Brasserie in London?

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Langan’s Brasserie is an iconic restaurant in London, open since 1976. 

ABA Films ENPeter Langan’s dream was to bring the Parisienne cafe society to London. He partnered with his friend Michael Caine and together with Richard Shepherd, the former head chef of Michelin starred Capital Hotel, they opened up their restaurant in Mayfair, presenting a menu that has changed very little since.

With dishes such as the “Veal fillet carpaccio, tomato & olive tapénade” and the “Pan-fried breast of guinea fowl with Savoy cabbage, chestnuts and lardons” and desserts such as the “Treacle tart with custard or vanilla ice cream” or the classic “Crème brûlée”, you can understand why it is such a celebrity hotspot.

Which brings us to our question… who eats at Langan’s Brasserie? Well, as you might have guessed, a lot of celebrities. In fact, Lottie Mos just celebrated her 16th birthday there (Happy Birthday Lottie!).

Apart from celebrities, Langan’s is also where one of our main characters from ABA Films goes to finish writing her book. She needs a space to complete her work and chooses to do so here, enjoying a plate of spaguetti with Irnian caviar. If you’d like to see this episode, it’s ABA Film 65 Intermediate.

See, our objective with ABA Films was to take you on a journey. Learning English is the main goal, but we believe you learn so much more if you are interested, inspired and having fun. This is why our course is like traveling abroad; you will get to see lots of emblematic places from around the world, like London and New York.

Fancy joining us for a meal at Langan’s Brasserie? Start by clicking here!

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