How human of me!

Hello one, hello all.

Today we found the following inspiration on instagram: “how human of me”.

You know when you make a mistake?

You know when you studied SO hard for an exam but it didn’t go very well?

You know when you forget something and then you are angry for forgetting?

You know when something seems so hard you think you will never be able to do it?

You know when you feel like giving up?

For all those times, stop. Breathe. And think “how human of me”.

We all have failings, we all give up sometimes, we all make mistakes and we all fall down. But this is part of being human, of being alive. So don’t be hard on yourself! Pick yourself up and try again.


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  1. You know it is too Easy to say some Sentence but it is not Easy to do that.. İ have all which you wrote… İ failed many times and still ı’m, sometimes you Think why i cant to be like normal Person for example doing Something Well or getting good Mark On one exam or Find a good one to talk, to Walk, to love or to be loved Without fair, failed and Thinking.. İ dont i just know one Think to Write is Easy but to livE is not…

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