Happy Birthday to…

Hermann Rorschach!

First of all: have you done Hermann’s test on google’s doodle yet?

We’d love to know what you see!

We’ve seen tie’s, clouds, profiles and beards…

Hermann Rorschach was a Swiss Freudian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. He lived in the late XIX century and into the early XX century.

He developed the Rorschach inkblot test. What’s that? Well, it’s a series of inkblots that make abstract images which Hermann would show to patients. The test is used to examine a person’s personality and emotional functioning. They are shown 10 inkblots and asked to explain what they see.

So, tell us! What did you see?


inkblotTie – a long piece of cloth that is worn by men around the neck and under a collar and that is tied in front with a knot at the top.

Psychiatrist – a doctor who treats mental or emotional disorders : a doctor of psychiatry.

Psychoanalyst – a doctor who helps people with mental and emotional problems by talking to them about their dreams, memories, etc. : a doctor who practices psychoanalysis.

Inkblot – a spot or stain made of ink. Ink is colored liquid that is used for writing or printing.


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