English Words in the International Lexicon

Everyone speaks English! Or, to put it better, English is the language of international communication in any field, be it commerce, politics, art, or entertainment. It has penetrated into the lexicon of many languages from all over the world. Many new words to enter into the vocabulary of other languages, are, in fact, English. Sometime these are words that arose in the Anglo-Saxon world and then enter the vocabulary of other languages while maintaining their original form, other times they are words for which there is a foreign equivalent, but the English version is preferred.

For example, the infamous abdominal exercises that generations of schoolgirls have hated in gym class are now called “crunches” in many countries, and we would like to challenge a personal trainer to explain the difference between crunches and sit-ups. Using terms in English may give a greater air of sophistication to speakers of other languages, perhaps making students more inclined to follow the instructions, believing that this is a new miraculous American technique that can make your love handles disappear. But after all, only the name of the thing has changed, not the thing in itself. This phenomenon occurs in all fields of human knowledge, from marketing to technology. We have chosen three English words from each of the fields listed below that have begun to form part of our international vocabulary.

Work and Finance


This is a young word that gives the impression of ideas, opportunities, and creativity. In fact, it is used for new, small businesses that are promoting new ideas in the fields of marketing and internet, especially.

I have been working for a startup in Madrid since April.


A person who works independently is a freelancer. In English, you can also call yourself self-employed, but the word freelance has been more recently coined.

I do freelance work from home.


Used for the discipline that is responsible for studying the market, its trends, and its customers.

We need to create a marketing campaign for social media.



Short for “electronic mail,” the term in English may be shorter than the term in other language, making the English version the preferred one.

The manager sent the email to all the coordinators.


A word that is seen everywhere: on TV, in magazines, and on billboards. While its name has been translated into other languages, some people remain unconvinced and continue using the English word.

My smartphone did not ring when you called.


Effectively, we cannot live without the “mouse” to our computer. While some countries do use the term in their native language, the majority tend to use mouse.

I bought a cheap wireless mouse.



Short for “gymnasium.” As is evident, the single-syllable English term is very short and gives an air of modernity to whoever uses it.

I go to the gym every day from 6 to 7.


We are all familiar with boxing. While not as popular now as some years ago, many gyms have incorporated certain elements of boxing into their training routines.

On Tuesdays, I do 15 minutes of boxing.


Without a doubt, basketball is one of the all-time most popular sports, while the term for it in other languages is not so popular. It is very common to use the English word for this sport.

Did you watch the basketball game last night?



Here is another word whose equivalents have been supplanted by the English term. The soundtrack is the music that plays during a film.

I love Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack for “Cinema Paradiso.”


Who doesn’t know what the trailer for a movie is? This word certainly does not require a definition.

I think I am going to watch that movie. I watched the trailer and it sounds interesting.


Another well-known term, which now forms an integral part in many lexicons internationally. It shows the audience rating or scoring something has received.

This movie has had a very high rating.

These are just some of the examples of English words that have entered the international lexicon. Beyond those words we already know the meaning of and use in our daily speech, it is important to know how to have a conversation in English. Would you like to enroll in an English course? Try ABA English. We offer 144 video classes and an equal number of short films, as well as experienced native teachers who can help you improve your conversation skills in English.

OK, I want to try the course!
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    Frankly saying, I liked it all. I totally agree the statement that English words are penetrating the vocabulary of almost each nation in the world today. The interesting information provided here is highly necessary for us to be knowledgeable in out professions. In fact, I used to know some famous words of English language that are being treated as Uzbek words such as marketing and startup but others became a real novelty for me.Besides, it is good and straightforward to learn them as classified as above. But I would be glad if you provide the learners with more wide range of international words like those.Given examples are also helpful to get a clear meaning of them. I would love to thank you for sharing your interesting info with us. Keep going on!

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