English Vocabulary – Benefit

Hello, students!

I hope life is treating you well.

Today I want to teach you about a sometimes confusing word for English learners, ‘benefit’, and we will look at four of its main meanings.

Meaning 1

Extra money or advantages that you get in addition to your salary as part of your job.


In the US many employers offer workers private health insurance as part of the job benefits.

Meaning 2

The advantage you get from a situation.


There are several benefits to moving out of a big city: a friendlier atmosphere, less pollution and lower costs.

Meaning 3

We can also use benefit as a verb with this same meaning (to benefit from something).


People usually benefit from moving out of the city, for example, they pay less rent.

Meaning 4

Government money for people who are unemployed or who need extra financial help.


My best friend’s husband recently lost his job. Now he needs to claim unemployment benefits.

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