Australian Idioms – As useful as lips on a chicken

Remember the Idioms of the World series? Well, for the upcoming month we will learn 5 fun expressions they use down under in Australia.

Down under – the term Down Under is a colloquialism which is variously construed to refer to Australia and New Zealand, or to Australia or New Zealand alone.

 Ok, let’s get started with the first idiom! 

Idiom – As useful as lips on a chicken.

Meaning – Something or someone is useless.

Alternative – There are lots of English expressions that mean something similar. Imagine you are trying to organize a classroom full of 2 year-old’s. You could say it’s “like herding cats”: chaotic and impossible. Another popular expression is “trying to get blood out of a stone”. We use this expression, for example, if we are trying to make conversation with someone who does not want to talk.

Australian expressions - As useful as lips on a chicken ABA English

Thanks Hotel Club, for sharing these images, and Jared Atkins for creating them.

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  1. it’s very funny about expresion i like it!!!!!

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