April Fools Day!


Today is April 1st, which means it is April Fools Day.

Do you remember why this is an important day? If not, you can check last year’s post HERE.

Every year, hundreds of companies bring out joke products, funny adverts and crazy ideas; from Google to Buzzfeed, everyone had an April Fools prank.

Our favourites?

We loved the edible pizza box from Domino’s, because why waste the box?


We also loved BMW’s new cot for babies. Everyone knows babies and children (and adults!) fall asleep in cars, so why not make a bed that moves and sounds like a car?

It’s the ZZZ series! Very cute.


Edible – suitable or safe to eat.

Cot – a narrow, light bed often made of cloth stretched over a folding frame.

Prank – a trick that is done to someone usually as a joke.

Did you find any jokes? Share it with us!

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