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Good morning beautiful people!

We often receive comments or messages with people saying:

“I want to learn English, can you help me?”

“I want to study with ABA English, how can I join?”

“Is the ABA English course free? Do I have to pay?”

The answer to this question is: BOTH! You can be an ABA English Free member OR an ABA English Premium member.

What’s the difference between ABA Free and ABA Premium?

Well, with the ABA Free course you can gradually watch all the video classes and consult the interactive grammar for free. The best ABA English teachers will explain English grammar to you via very entertaining videos and with the interactive grammar you will be able to consult the grammar very quickly. You will also be able to listen to all the words and to record them in order to improve your pronunciation and to see examples in order to increase your vocabulary.

When you become a paying member (ABA Premium), you will be able to access to the complete course and all the levels, from Beginner to Business, and you can watch all the video classes and ABA Films. Also, you will have a private teacher to whom you can send a message at any time via the Campus. You also have access to very useful tools such as the interactive grammar and the course dictionary. When you complete a level, you get the official American & British Academy certificate for that level.

So, basically, If you are an ABA Premium member, you can access the complete course. This means you will be able to access all the course levels and all 144 units. If you are an ABA Free member, you will also have access to all levels but only to the first unit of each level so you can try out our learning method.

Interactive grammar

However, whether you are a Premium member or a Free member, everyone can access the interactive grammar. And it’s a great way to learn English!

The ABA English Interactive Grammar allows you to quickly and easily check any English grammatical structure. It is a new way of looking at grammar learning: not only do you get a grammar explanation, but you also get the chance to improve your pronunciation thanks to the Listen-Record-Compare (LRC®) technology.

The grammar is classified in seven grammar topics: adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, verbs and “phrasal verbs”.

This is what it looks like:

interactive grammar1
The ABA English Interactive Grammar page for possessive adjectives.
ABA English Interactive Grammar page for phrasal verbs (page 4).
ABA English Interactive Grammar page for phrasal verbs (page 4).

So, if you would like to start learning with our interactive grammar AND access all our videoclasses AND check out the first unit of every level, for free, then CLICK HERE. Super simple, right?

We hope that answered your questions, let us know if you have any more!

You can find more information here: ABA English FAQ’s.

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