ABA English and RCS MediaGroup Join Forces for an Italian Project

We are continually reaping success and this time we are delighted to announce that ABA English has joined RCS MediaGroup to launch a new educational tool for teachers in Italy called Rizzoli English Campus.

Rizzoli Languages, a brand belonging to RCS Education, in partnership with ABA English and ETS Global, have jointly introduced a new educational product designed specifically for Italian teachers: Rizzoli English Campus.

What is it all about?

Rizzoli English Campus is an innovative and complete program to learn or improve one’s knowledge of the English language and certify the level attained. It is aimed to help Italian school teachers, of any subject, acquire solid knowledge of English and provide them with the opportunity to obtain a globally-recognized certificate: the TOEIC – Test of English for International Communications, a test and certificate issued by the international entity ETS Global represented in Italy by EAS Milano.

In Italy, teachers of any subject or degree can improve their academic record and professional opportunities by certifying their English language skills. Hence, Rizzoli English Campus provides an educational program consisting, on the one hand, of ABA English’s online English course and, on the other, of the enrollment to the TOEIC certification exam after the learning period.

If you require further information, Rizzoli English Campus program can be purchased in Italy on Rizzoli’s online bookstore here and here.

If you still don’t know ABA English, discover our course of 6 English levels and our 144 study units.

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