A Summer at Sea… With English

Summer is coming! Many have already begun to plan their holidays. They have chosen a destination, tried on their swimming costumes, and checked the window displays to find out about the new beachwear collections. And you, what have you done? If you have chosen a marvellous getaway in your home country, you will have a language advantage.

But, if this year you have decided to change countries or even continents – to check out the beaches in California or Hawaii, for example – you may need to review some useful phrases to be able to enjoy your holiday to its fullest, to be able to relax, and to be able to communicate from the moment you make your reservation until you return to your home airport. That is why we have decided to offer you this small lifesaving kit to help make your holidays excellent. We will look at the sentences you will need to know from when you book your flight until you arrive back home.

Booking Accommodation

After choosing your destination and reserving your flight, the next step is to book a room. Whether you have chosen to stay at a resort or in a fisherman’s cottage from Airbnb, there are some sentences that you will probably have to use either by phone or email.

A – Hello, I’d like to book a single room for three nights, please.
B – Sure, no problem. When will you arrive?

A – How much does a single room cost per night?
B – The rate for single rooms is $40 per night.

Could I take your name and your credit card number for the reservation, please?

Would you like half board or full board?

Are pets allowed? I can’t leave my dog / cat / etc. at home and I’d love to bring it with me!

Is breakfast included in the price?

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Arrival at the Airport

Finally! The holidays have arrived. In fact, they have already begun. You are at the airport! You do not need anything. You just have to collect your suitcase then run to submerge yourself in the water and enjoy the sun. But, geez! This is terrible! Where is your suitcase? This is what you ought to say if your suitcase does not appear on the baggage carousel.

Hi, I’ve just arrived on flight XXXX. My luggage was supposed to come out of carousel 4, but it wasn’t there.

Hi, I couldn’t find my checked luggage. Could you help me figure out where it is?

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Taxi, Please… Or Rent a Car?

Once you have found your suitcase, you can head directly to your hotel. Generally, wherever you are, the airport has buses and shuttle services available to travel throughout the country. What if you prefer to go by taxi? You do not need to call them. In general, you can go to the information desk or speak directly with the taxi driver. Or, you could choose to rent a car!

Hi, I need a taxi to XXX.

Hi, I want to rent a car. Are mileage and fuel included in the price?

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In a Restaurant

Here we are at a restaurant with friends! They are anxious to try the local specialties. There is nothing better than a quiet night in a restaurant with sea views, white wine, and fresh fish. Between the lobster and the dessert, it is possible that you may see someone worth getting to know. Here are the sentences you might need for your evening out.

Hi, do you have a table for three?

What do you recommend?

Could you bring us the bill, please?

Excuse me, have we met before? You really look familiar…

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On the Beach

Dinner was great and you have realized that your new friend is staying at a nearby hotel. They have agreed to join you and your friends for a day on the beach. This is the perfect moment to chat and, in between a game of beach volleyball and laughter between the waves, to get to know each other better. Everything would be perfect if only the group next to you was not making so much noise and their children were not splashing you with cold water. Even a saint would have their patience put to the test in these conditions! Here are the lifesaving phrases you need:

Could you turn down the volume on your radio, please? We can’t hear each other speak.

Would you please tell your children not to splash water?

I think you need some sun cream. You’re getting burned!

When You Get Home

Unfortunately, all holidays come to an end sooner or later. You return home brown from the sun, satisfied, and nostalgic. You are happy because it really was an unforgettable holiday and you even got your new friend’s email address! What is left to do? Look over the photos and reminisce with your friends over the most important moments from your unforgettable summer. Of course! Leaving a comment on the site where you booked your room would not be a bad idea. Here are two typical comments:

Great atmosphere, nice apartment, and everything was clean.

The flat is not bad and the view is amazing. The only problem was the wifi, it didn’t work properly!

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Ready for Your Holidays?

Now you have at your disposal all of the sentences in English you will need for any unforeseen eventuality that could arise during your holiday. If there are other situations for which you wish to be prepared, write them in a comment below and we will try to respond as soon as possible. Meanwhile, why not try ABA English? We offer 144 video classes, short films, and native teachers to help make your holidays perfect!

I am going to start now!
I will try it now!

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