10 Ways to Say “Good” in English

The English adjective good is a word that is used often and which belongs to a very broad semantic field. In fact, there are an almost infinite number of situations in which this adjective could be used to indicate a positive quality or characteristic of something or someone. A brilliant writer can be called a “good writer” just as a caring mother could be considered a “good mother.”

To summarize, this term carries with it a great semantic potential since it can be used in diverse contexts and can be replaced by different synonyms depending on the meaning that you want to transmit. Also, the simple exclamation in English of “Good!” is very common.

To help you enrich your vocabulary and avoid repetition, today we will present 10 synonyms of this much-used adjective with more specific meanings.

1. Lovely

This looks a bit like good because it has a wide semantic field which can mean beautiful, nice, or fine, in reference to someone or something. It is often used to describe a person with a good character.

He is such a lovely guy!

Thank you, we had a lovely evening!

2. Tasty

This word literally means delicious. It is used in reference to foods to indicate that they taste good. In this context, it is a perfect synonym for good.

I had a very tasty chicken tikka at the new Indian restaurant.

Thank you for the tasty food!

3. Wholesome

The term was coined in the 12th century by the medieval monk Orm in his treatise “Ormulum.” It is composed of whole and some and literally means “beneficial to the soul.” It is used in reference to something or someone that give some kind of benefit, both physically or morally.

I always make sure that my children have wholesome meals.

Students need a good education but also wholesome entertainment.

4. Kind

In English, the expression “It is good of you…” is used to show that someone’s action has been kind and appropriate. In this context, a good synonym would be kind.

It has been kind of you to accompany us on the way.

It was kind of Danielle to come to the party even though she was tired.

5. Nice

This word has often changed its meaning over time. Originally, it had a negative connotation. In fact, it meant stupid or ignorant. Whereas today, it means pleasant or satisfactory. In reference to a person, nice can be translated as good or friendly.

We had a nice trip thanks to the good weather and the beautiful scenery.

John’s sister is a nice girl.

6. Fantastic

This word literally means very good. Sometimes, it is used as an exclamation to express surprise or approval.

“I passed my exam.”

What a fantastic course!

7. Merry

This term, that we generally know as part of the greeting “Merry Christmas,” literally means happy. It is a bit old-fashioned and not used very often nowadays.

He wished me a Merry Christmas.

The students filled the air with merry songs and music.

8. Fine

This word of French origin is a perfect synonym for good. There are, however, different contexts in which the words may have different nuances of meaning. Take the context into account and consult your dictionary.

For example, if someone asks you “How are you doing?” you can respond with “I am doing good” or “I am fine.” In both cases, the person you are speaking with will understand what you want to say. That is good, but the adjective fine is more appropriate since good, in this case, could mean doing a good deed, while fine simply indicates being fine. Another expression that could be used in this case is “I am well.”

The flat is very small, which is fine for one person.

Mary said she will come a bit late tomorrow, which is fine for me as I need more time to organize everything.

9. Well

While this is generally used as an adverb, when used as an adjective it can serve as another synonym for good. In fact, well and good share the comparative form better and the superlative form best.

He is coping with the situation well.

Maria is doing well at university.

10. Suitable

This word means appropriate or adequate. It is a more specific adjective than good to use when you want to say that something or someone is good in a given situation or circumstance.

This cream is suitable for children with eczema.

For some people, finding a suitable mate is quite difficult.

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