Useful Phrases & Vocabulary for International Travel

Hi, ABA friends!

If you have ever been abroad then you know how hard it can be to communicate, especially when flying or asking for information at an airport.

If you already know how to deal with this situation, it is possible that your English is already good. If you’re not sure, try our English Level Test here, for free.

Luckily, English is a language that is widely spoken all over the world so if you find that you don’t speak the language of the country you are visiting, you can normally use English.

Today we are going to give you some useful phrases and vocabulary to help you communicate at the airport.

Check out some helpful phrases…

At the Airport Information Desk

I would like to know what time my flight leaves.

My flight number is….

Do you know why my flight is delayed?

What time does the flight from……arrive?

What time is the next flight to….?

I have missed my flight. Could you help me please?

I would like a one-way ticket/return ticket to….

Could you tell me where I can change my money?

Could you tell me where I can rent/hire a car?

At Check-in

What is my boarding gate?

How many pieces of hand luggage/carry-on luggage am I allowed?

Is there a stopover?

How long is the stopover in…..?

What time are we boarding?

At Passport Control/Customs

I have nothing to declare.

I am flying economy/business/first class.

I am visiting family.

I have a connecting flight to…..

I will be staying at ……

I am here for business/leisure.

I am here for….. days


Now let’s look at some vocabulary from the sentences above and some extra words you may encounter during your trip.

To delay – to postpone until a later time. If a flight is delayed, it means it will not take off on time but later than expected.

Check-in desk the place/counter of the airline you are flying with where you check in and get your boarding pass.

Customs – the place where goods or people are inspected when entering a county.

Baggage claim (US) / baggage reclaim (UK) – the place where baggage or luggage is collected after a flight.

Carry-on luggage/hand luggage – items of baggage or luggage allowed to be taken onto the plane with you, usually limited.

To board to get on a plane ready for departure.

Airline – the company or business associated with the aeroplane. The name is usually visible on the plane.

Boarding pass / boarding card – a piece of paper that authorises a passenger to board an aircraft (aeroplane).

Stopover/layover – a short stay in a place between parts of a journey.

Boarding gate – a passageway (in a terminal) where passengers can embark or disembark.

Enjoy your trip!


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