Phrasal verbs (lll) to improve your English

Today we are going to continue with phrasal verbs. Please refer back to unit 143 to refresh your memory about how to use separable phrasal verbs or simply check out this post for more information.

So, let’s take a look at some phrasal verbs which cannot be separated!

Hold on

Hold on a moment, I’ll call Kevin for you!

You need to hold on tight when you climb on the motorbike.

If you hold on, I’ll take you to school.

As you can see, there is no direct object so the two parts of the phrasal verbs can’t be separated.

Let’s look at some more examples of inseparable phrasal verbs:

Stand for

What does the word NATO stand for?

This school stands for equality and hard work!

The white dove stands for peace and hope.

Keep out

Please keep out of the kitchen when I’m cleaning!

Keep out! Radioactive materials!

Keep out of the sun because you will get burned.

Go with

Go with Jack, he’ll show you the way.

Your shoes don’t go with those pants.

Can I go with you to the party?

Remember that phrasal verbs are just like normal verbs and can be used in any tense.

Break down

Sorry we are late but the car broke down.

The refrigerator has broken down and I need a new one.

The coffee machine is always breaking down.

Go through

I went through all of the files but I couldn’t find the information.

Sindy has gone through that box already. The book is not there.

Come back

When you come back from Spain, call me!

She came back very late when she realised she had forgotten her keys.

Take off

The plane takes off at 10 am.

She took off her jacket when she arrived.

Look forward to

I looked forward to my holiday all year.

I really look forward to meeting you.

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