Vocabulario inglés – Primavera


How are you?

Estamos en primavera, ¿cierto? ¿Qué os parece si vemos algunas palabras y expresiones del spring?

Vocabulario primaveral

Awakening (despertar) – an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something

Barefoot (descalzo) – without shoes: with the feet bare

Blossoming (florecer, germinar) – the action of a tree or bush producing flowers or masses of flowers

Budding (en ciernes) – having or developing buds. A bud is a flower especially of a fruit tree

Changing (cambiante) – to become different

Cheery (alegre) – having or causing happy feelings

Chirping (piar) – to make a short high-pitched sound, like birds

Cloudless (nublado) – without clouds

Crisp (crujiente, crocante) – dry, hard, and easily broken

Fertile (fértil) – producing many plants or crops: able to support the growth of many plants

Floral (floral, floreado) – of or relating to flowers

Flourishing (floreciente) – to grow well: to be healthy

Fragrant (fragrante, oloroso, perfumado) – having a pleasant and usually sweet smell

Growing (en crecimiento) – to become larger: to increase in size, amount, etc

Hatching (rotura) – an opening in the deck of a ship or in the floor, wall, or roof of a building

Lush (abundante, frondoso) – having a lot of full and healthy growth

Melting (fundente) – to change or to cause (something) to change from a solid to a liquid usually because of heat, like snow in spring

Pastel (pastel) – a pale or light color

Rainy (lluvioso) – having a lot of rain

Refreshing (refrescante) – something that feels pleasantly new, different, or interesting

Rejeuventating – to make (someone) feel or look young, healthy, or energetic again

Renewing (renovar) – to make (something) new, fresh, or strong again

Romping (jugar, divertirse, corretear) – an enjoyable time of rough and noisy play

Scampering (corretear) – to run or move quickly and often playfully

Seasonal (estacional) – happening or needed during a particular time of the year

Springtime (primaveral) – the season of spring

Sprouting (brotar, germinar) – to produce new leaves, buds, etc

Teeming (pululante) to be full of (life and activity): to have many (people or animals) moving around inside

Thriving (floreciente, próspero) to grow or develop successfully: to flourish or succeed

Verdant (verde) – green with growing plants

Expresiones primaverales

  • Spring fever (fiebre primaveral) – a term applied to several sets of physical and psychological symptoms associated with the arrival of spring.


“All the children in my class have gone crazy! I think it’s spring fever. All they want to do is run and play and shout”.

(¡Todos los niños de mi clase se han vuelto locos! Creo que es la fiebre primaveral. Lo único que quieren hacer es correr, jugar y chillar).

  • Spring chicken (ES chaval, chavala) – a chicken in spring is a little baby chick, so a spring chicken is an expression that means “young”.


“Jules acts young, but she is no spring chicken! think this year she will be 68″

(Jules actúa como una joven, ¡pero no es una chavala ya!  ICreo que este año cumplirá 68).

  • Spring to life (cobrar vida) – to become active suddenly.


“I thought the computer was broken, but suddenly it sprang to life and turned on again”

(Pensé que el ordenador estaba roto, pero de repente recobró vida y se encendió de nuevo)

¿Te ha gustado esta clase de vocabulario? Si echas en falta algo, no dudes en comentarnos.



  1. muchisimas gracias por tanto apoyo apenas estoy aprendiendo a abrir bien mis clases gracias Kate por tu paciencia .cariño .marie

  2. Felicitaciones por la forma como se proyectan a enseñar y no como otros solo a cobrar.

  3. me ha motivado para practicar;gracias

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