7 things to keep in mind when hosting a party!

Any excuse is good to organize a party, especially during Christmas and the New Year, when people are normally invited to a lot of parties. If you live abroad, you have many friends and acquaintances from all over the world or you just want to organize a themed party in English. In today’s article we are going to give you a few great tips on how to be the perfect host!

The appropriate invitation

Without an invitation there is no party. The invitation should be as creative as possible. You could use the classic paper or cardboard invitation cards, or you could send an invitation email, if you are planning on inviting many different friends and you can not see them all personally to give them the card. Don’t forget to put RSVP (The abbreviation for répondez s’il vous plait) at the end of your invitation. In English, the French version is usually used much more than the phrase “please reply!”

Greet your guests in English

With the following examples you can welcome your guests when they arrive at your home:

Thanks for coming.

I’m so glad you could make it.

Welcome to my home.

Can I get you a drink?

Can I take your coat?

The perfect outfit for your party

There are many different types of parties, depending on your style. Of course you can decide what the dress code will be for the great evening. Don’t forget to mention it in the invitation.

Maybe our ideas inspire you:


Theme Party

Tacky Sweater Party (tacky sweaters are old sweaters with knitted designs on them that were very popular in the 70s and 80s, have made a comeback)

Costume Party

Pyjama Party

Party guidelines

Of course, there are some unwritten rules that you should keep in mind when you are invited to a party. For example, we all know that you should never arrive too early. As a thank you for the invitation, you should try to take along a bottle of wine or something to snack on. Also, avoid grouping and only speaking to people you know. When you talk to people you don’t know yet, it will surprise you how much you can have in common. And if that is not the case, you are always in time to send a discrete signal to your friends to come along and rescue you!

Food and drinks

If there is something that is rather important for every party, it’s food and drink. Even if there are just light snacks or appetizers, food is a must. In many English-speaking countries the typical food and drinks during Christmas time are turkey, eggnog, or mulled wine (hot wine) which is also very popular in Germany.

Games for parties

Depending on the mood at your party, party games would also be great. It is best to select familiar games whose rules most people know or games that are not too difficult to explain. The most popular sorts of games are role play games, such as, murder mysteries or the classic at any Christmas party: Secret Santa, where random people buy presents for each other. That way no one knows who they are getting a gift from.

Time to make a toast

Toasting is another must at a party.Toasts are used to thank people for coming or to celebrate the evening. Even if your English is not so good, you can simply say a few heartfelt words and toast to the occasion.


Here’s to (a great year …)

I dedicate this toast to…

Happy holidays / Merry Christmas / Happy New Year.

Season’s Greetings to everyone!

Happy holidays to all of you!

With these tips you should be ready to host or attend the party of the year! And if you want to refresh your English first, remember that you can register for free at ABA English and access 144 free grammar videos and expand your vocabulary with short films about real life situations. What are you waiting for?


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