Verbs of the senses in English

We use our senses on a daily basis, so it’s of great importance that we know how to use the verbs to describe them correctly in English. In today’s post, we are going to look over the different sense verbs in English, so that you gain a greater understanding of how they are used in English.

Verbs of the senses

There are six verbs of the senses:







These verbs are very important because of how often they are used. Normally, when using a verb of the senses, we place an adjective after the verb, instead of an adverb.

For example:

“Those earrings look expensive, are they real platinum?”

See in the example, the verb “look” is followed by the adjective “expensive”. Let’s look at some more examples:

“That drawing looks great on the wall, do you like it?”

“I think the milk is off, it tastes horrible”

“Oliver feels lonely, because he doesn’t know anyone”

“Can you smell that? It smells delicious! I think Fiona is making a cake”

How to use “of” with taste and smell

The verbs “taste” and “smell” can also be followed by “of” and a noun.

For example: 

“It smells of flowers in here, did you buy roses for me?”

“Can you taste that? This tea tastes of mint”

How to use “like” with verbs of the senses

We can use “like” to make comparisons. Let’s see some examples:

“Imma looks like her sister Anna”

“That icecream tastes like the one we bought in Italy”

“Mmm… it smells like summer!”

“Oh no! It feels like I’m getting a cold”

“Can you hear that? It sounds like the neighbour is playing his guitar again”

“Those clouds look like it’s going to rain”

“Do you feel like pizza? I do!”

“To feel” means to experience a particular emotion or physical sensation. The expression “feel like” is used a lot in English and it means to want to do something.

“To feel like” is also used when we have a sensation or an impression of something.

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