Upcoming films: Improve your English with the latest cinema releases.

October is a great month for movie buffs! In the Northern Hemisphere as temperatures drop the movie theaters begin to fill up. Don’t stay at home and wait for films to be shown on TV, rather make an effort and go to the cinema so you can watch them in their original version on the big screen! This way you can kill two birds with one stone because you can take advantage of sitting back, relaxing and eating popcorn, while learning English at the same time.

We have prepared a selection of highly recommended upcoming films to watch this autumn.

Take note:

Blade Runner 2045

Probably one of the most highly anticipated films this autumn. This film is the sequel to the first Blade Runner film, a classic science fiction film of the 80´s that revolutionized cinema. The film has received positive reviews from critics, so you can expect a good film and lots of action, portraying a somewhat bleak future for humanity as well as genetic engineering, flying cars and extraterrestrial colonies all packed into one!

Useful vocabulary you can take advantage of: about technology and engineering.

The Florida Project

This film is perfect for you if you miss the summertime. It will definitely bring back memories of your childhood! “The Florida Project” tells the story of a girl and her friends and how they spend their summer vacation at a Florida motel. A great film for learning how to give thanks and ask for permission, as well as practicing some of the typical slang used by youngsters! They say that children are the best teachers, so pay attention!

Useful vocabulary you can use: about games, leisure, summertime, and the uses of polite phrases in English.

The Foreigner

Based on Stephen Leather’s novel “The Chinaman,” this action thriller tells the story of Chan, the owner of a restaurant, looking to avenge the death of his wife and daughter. The plot is set in London, so you can tune your ear to the British accent, and also the English accent when spoken by a foreigner (very useful for professional life!). Without giving away too many spoilers, we have to mention that you may also get to practice listening to the Irish accent during the film!

Useful vocabulary that you can take advantage of: about politics and judicial matters.

Darkest Hour

Nothing like a good historical film, right? Darkest Hour is a British film to be released this autumn, which portrays from a very personal point of view how Winston Churchill, played by Gary Oldman, faced the Nazi threat during World War II. Watching this film is a great way for you to touch up on your history, practice your British English and learn formal vocabulary.

Useful vocabulary you can take advantage of: about politics, conflict resolution and formal English vocabulary.

Make learning English your priority for the new course

Learning English doesn’t have to be boring and by checking out the ABA Journal you will discover a world of  fun and interesting ways to practice different language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing. Watching films is a great way to practice your understanding of the language, which will also help you improve your pronunciation, because you internalize the sounds and pronunciation just the same as natives speakers do. In addition, you can watch the films with original subtitles, which is fantastic for improving your knowledge of grammar, reading comprehension and writing!


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