Sentences you can put to good use in the market square

When you’re traveling, you normally also want to get to know the culinary variety of other cultures. What’s better than a visit to the local market square? Of course, you can get by at a market just with your hands and feet, but with a couple of standard phrases and words, you will soon seem like a native.

At the fruit and vegetable stand

What kind of fruit is in season now?

Cherries, try one, they are delicious!

Do you have peaches? I only like them when they really ripe though.

Yes I do, we pick them from our own trees, I’m sure you’ll like them.

The artichokes look really good! I’ll have 1kg please.

Sure, here you go. Anything else?

In the event that you are now saying that you usually lack the words for the individual types of fruit and vegetables, we have listed the most popular ones below. You can learn them best by writing them on little cards next to your vegetable drawer or fruit bowl. For example, by doing so, you think apple every time you reach for an apple.







For big appetites: Fish and meat

Hello, do you have fresh fish today?

Yes just this morning they brought us salmon fresh from the sea.

Hi, I need some meat for a bbq with four people. What can you recommend?

This week we have a special offer for ribs and the sausages are really good, too. That should be fine.

Hi, do you have lamb?

Since it is often not just forming sentences, but finding the right vocabulary that is the problem when buying fish and meat, we have also prepared a list of the most familiar types of meat and fish.

Chickenbreast , leg, wing

Pork : cutlet , spare ribs , fillet

Beef : rump steak , minced beef

Fish : salmon , cod , swordfish

For eggs and dairy

Hi, can you recommend any cheese that goes well with red wine?

Sure, this one here is quite savoury but not too strong, I like it!

The milk in the glass bottles over there, is it fresh milk?

Sure, we have our own farm with four cows!

Hello, I’d like 20 free range eggs, please.

No problem, anything else?

With these example sentences, you should be well equipped for your culinary discovery tour. If you would like to learn more vocabulary for real-life situations, remember that you can register free-of-charge for the online course from ABA English. You just have to click on the following button.

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