The ABA English Course: the science behind the ABA Films

The ABA course has been specially developed in relation to the natural learning method, so let’s start by understanding how this method works.

What is the Natural Learning Method?

You may have been wondering what the natural learning method is but we will talk through it. It is the breakdown of how a language is learnt naturally, in other words, how babies naturally learn their mother tongue.

Let’s take a look at the natural steps:

  • First of all, we listen to a language
  • Secondly, we understand the meaning of what we hear
  • Thirdly, we start to speak by copying our fellow interlocutors
  • Later we learn grammar and how to write which consolidates everything we have learnt while continually building our vocabulary

How does the natural learning process fit into the ABA course?

The ABA course was designed around the natural learning method with 144 didactic video units which put the student in real life situations where the natural learning method comes into play.

Here are the course’s steps in relation to the natural learning method:

  • The student watches the ABA film with subtitles in their own language
  • The student then watches the video in English with English subtitles
  • Lastly the student should be able to watch the video again without subtitles understanding everything as if it were their native language.

Following on from the video, the student is then invited to start speaking by imitating what they have watched using the record, listen and compare tool. This is a very useful tool as it gives the student a great deal of control over their own progress. In fact the course is so well designed that the student is constantly practising more than one skill at a time whether it be listening and understanding or speaking and writing.

The course is designed in a unique way where students are supposed to emotionally connect with the videos as they depict real life situations and encourage the student to think how they would feel in such a real life situation.

What are the advantages of the ABA course?

Apart from being a unique online English course which uses the natural learning method to immerse students in real life foreign situations, there are in fact many more advantages of ABA’s course.

The mobile application is so easy to navigate and very practical indeed. In fact, the application even allows you to study offline meaning that you can improve your level of English whether you have internet access or not, wherever you are. It is designed in such a way that the student’s journey is always to move up the course so that the student can see how much they have advanced since starting, which is a real motivator to study more.

The more hours that a student puts in, the more they will get out of and benefit from the course. This is why we advise that every 40 hours spent studying with ABA is equivalent to a semester in the United States. When compared to what it would cost to do a semester in the United States, the ABA course is unbelievable value for money as it is so much more economic but still offers you the same situations you would be likely to encounter if you were there.

Why you should definitely choose ABA…

Apart from being a unique course unlike any other which immerses you in real life situations using the natural learning method, ABA also gives you access to your own personal teacher whom you can contact at any time whenever you have any questions or doubts. The course allows you to control your own progress and get what you need from it at your own pace knowing you have the support of your own personal qualified teacher whenever you so need it.

If you want to start improving your level of English, start your free ABA English course trial and see how much English you can learn. Start today!



  1. After one year of study , I think you method is attractive. I don’t know if I am ready to speak in English whitout any problems.

  2. Eva Lopes F. Pimenta

    Hi, Guys! I’m so happy that I have found ABA English. It’s an incredible Course! At the moment, I’m studying at ABA Free, but son son I’ll skip to ABA Premium.

    Thank you very much !

    • George Talbot

      Hi Eva, we are really glad that you like it!

      Remember that if you ever have any questions, we are here to help 🙂

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