Prepostions of place between and under

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Prepositions of place are used to talk about the position of people and things. It is important to learn how to use prepositions of place in the correct way, and so today that is exactly what we are going to do!

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In unit 21 of the course we covered the prepositions of place: in-on-at. If you need to refresh your memory just take a quick look at that unit before you continue.

Let’s look at some new prepositions of place and how to use them correctly!


Higher than something or someone/overhead

-The helicopter was hovering above the trees looking for the car thief.


Directly to the back of something or someone

-Mike sits behind me in music class.


Lower than something else/at the bottom (of)

-I was walking over the bridge and I saw the river flowing below me.


 Directly to the side of something or someone

-In the computer room the computers are beside each other in perfect rows.


In the middle of two objects or people with one either side

-There is a small alleyway which goes between those two houses.

In front of

Directly ahead of something or someone or in the front part of something

-I parked my car in front of your house.


Close to/not too far from something or someone

-Carol lives near you so she can pick you up and take you to the party.

Next to

Directly to the side of something or someone

-Can I sit next to you please?


Directly below or at a lower level than something else

-They say there are giant fish living under the sea.

You can out more about prepositions of place by checking out unit 77 of the ABA course!

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