Connectors in English

How to use paragraph connectors in English

What are connectors in English used for? Connectors or linkers can help you join two or more ideas (sentences), allowing you to have a more structured and harmonious delivery. Instead of using single sentences, you can connect them in a logical way.

In this article, you’ll learn about different types of connectors in English (contrast, cause, purpose, effect, addition, illustration, etc.) that will help you achieve optimal communication. 






This type of connector is used to create continuity in the text between two clauses that present contradictory ideas.


Connector Example
Despite /

In spite of

Mary arrived home despite the bad weather.
Although / Even though Although the rain persisted, Mary decided to drive home.


However We told Mary to stay at the office; however, she decided to go home.
Nevertheless / Still / Yet The rain was very heavy, yet Mary was able to get home.
Even so  Mary was sick; even so, she went to work.
On the contrary The Caribbean Sea, on the contrary, is pretty warm.
In contrast The water in the Pacific Ocean, in contrast, is very clean.
On the one hand /On the other hand On the one hand, my wife wants me to spend more time with the kids, but on the other hand, I could get a raise at work.
Whereas All my family went to college, whereas I decided to travel around the world.




Also known as causative connectors, these are used to explain the reason behind something.


Connector Example
Because I did it because I love you.
Since Larry has been tired since he got his new job.
Seeing that Seeing that they enjoyed the dinner, I asked them to visit us more often.
On account of She was late on account of the heavy rain.
Due to Sandra has got a nice body due to regular exercise.


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Everything we do has a consequence. In the previous category, we discussed what causes something to happen, in this case, we’re talking about the effect or result of an action.


Connector Example
Consequently Her recipe didn’t go well; consequently, she threw it away.
As a consequence He gained weight as a consequence of his unhealthy eating habits.
As a result of The company took out too many loans and as a result of that, they went bankrupt.
Therefore Martin was the employee of the month; therefore, he got the promotion.




You can use the purpose connectors when you want to express the intention behind an action or decision.


Connector Example
In order to /

 So as to

I will study math in order to improve my career.
So that /

 In order that

You must submit your CV so that you can eventually get a job





These are used when you want to expand an idea by adding arguments.


Connector Example
Moreover You must finish your homework by tomorrow; moreover, you have to study for the final exam.
Furthermore /

 In addition / Besides

This mask will protect you from any virus; furthermore, it will block any bacteria from the environment.
What’s more My friend Sally made the salad and what’s more, the vegetables are from her orchard.
On top of that And on top of that, I will get a bonus. I am very lucky!


Connectors to give examples


We use illustration connectors to clarify an idea by using examples.


Connector Example
For example I can play a few musical instruments, for example, the piano, the violin, and the guitar.
For instance You might, for instance, see a dog in the street…

Opinion connectors


You can start the sentence with these connectors when you want to express your point of view.


Connector Example
As far as I am concerned As far as I am concerned, my work is finished.
From my point of view From my point of view, you should sue the government on this matter.
I agree I agree that we should buy a new car.
I disagree I disagree with the increase in rates.
In my opinion In my opinion, the player must be disqualified.
I think that I think that we ought to respect each other’s opinions.
It is true that It is true that some people are working way harder nowadays without seeing results…
Personally Personally, I noticed he wasn’t involved in the new project.
To be honest To be honest, I’d rather start my own business.
To tell the truth To tell the truth, the financial crisis will last a couple of years longer.


Explanatory connectors


These connectors can be used to give more details about the idea being developed.


Connector Example
In other words The problem, in other words, is to rebuild the relationship.
In short The meeting, in short, didn’t produce the results I expected.
Above all The mission of the police is, above all, to protect the people and keep the order.
At least Well, at least we know Frank is on our side.
Basically The sun is basically made up of hydrogen.
Especially None of us can sleep, especially if you play the music that loud.
Essentially The teacher is a guide, but essentially the students should learn on their own.
In general People, in general, eat too many calories.
In particular All of us, women, in particular, are facing a lot of conflicts.
More or less There were 20 people in line at the bank, more or less.


To establish a sequence


These connectors allow us to describe ideas in a sequential and organised manner. 


Connector Example
At first sight At first sight, I thought she was pretty.
First First, I glanced at her physical appearance.
First of all First of all, I want to say I also care about the feelings of others.
In the first place In the first place, I find it hard to approach anybody.
To start with To start with, I asked her to dance.
In the second place In the second place, we talked about our interests.
Second / secondly Secondly, I asked if she had a boyfriend.
Finally Finally, I asked for her number.
Lastly Lastly, I drove her to her place.
And finally And finally, I returned home feeling quite happy.
In conclusion In conclusion, I hope the relationship goes well.


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