Learn English with the News: “Guinness World Records!”

Sour Sdey!

(that’s hello in Khmer – the language of Cambodia).

First of all: if you were to win the Guinness World Record, what would it be in? Do you have a unique skill or talent? Can you eat more iceacream than anybody else? Do you have lots of piercings or are you a dare-devil?

Tell us in the comments’ section – remember: the more you write in English, the better you will get!

So, let’s get started with today’s lesson:

1. Read the text
2. Understand the vocabulary
3. Watch the news!


This could make a person seriously dizzy. Texan Tim Wade breaking the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive handsprings – a total of 46.

– I hit the wall at 35 and from then on I, you kinda can’t see very much and you’re just kind of going with your kinaesthetic awareness.

Thousands of people worldwide tried to break records in the ninth annual Guinness World Records Day. Joe Alexander from Hamburg, Germany walked … very carefully … across 60 upright bottles … and he can catch 16 flying darts with his hand in one minute.

In London, a group of 10 women called ‘Marawa’s Majorettes’, simultaneously spun 264 hula hoops. And there was also a lesson in this year’s record day. Don’t shoot hoops with this guy – Harlem Globetrotters Corey “Thunder” Law sinks the bucket from over 109 feet … that’s more than 33 meters.


uk-most-hula-hoops-spun-simultaneously-by-a-team_6847Dizzy – feeling that you are turning around in circles and are going to fall even though you are standing still.

Consecutive – following one after the other in a series : following each other without interruption.

Handsprings – a fast movement in which you jump forward or backward, land on your hands, swing your legs up and over your body, and then land on your feet.

Awareness – feeling, experiencing, or noticing something (such as a sound, sensation, or emotion).

Upright – positioned to be straight up.

Spun – to turn or cause someone or something to turn around repeatedly.

Hula hoops – a plastic hoop that is twirled around your body by moving your hips.

Shoot hoops – throw a basketball into the net.


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