Learn English with Stories – “The Elves and the Shoemaker”


Time for another story!

It’s getting cold here in Barcelona, so this seemed a good story: full of snow.

This story is about a shoemaker. Do you know what a shoemaker is? Exactly! It’s the person who makes shoes. Watch what happens to this shoemaker…

1. Read and understand the vocabulary
2. Watch the video 


learn english with stories aba english online courseEarn – to get (money, a salary, etc.) for work that you have done.

Particularly – more than usually.

Workroom – a room used for doing work usually inside a store.

Leather – animal skin that is chemically treated to preserve it and that is used in making clothes, shoes, furniture, etc.

Carefully – using care.

Precious – very valuable or important.

Sew – to make or repair something (such as a piece of clothing) by using a needle and thread.

Exquisitely – very beautiful or delicate.

Finicky – very hard to please.

Enough – equal to what is needed.

Finely – good, acceptable, or satisfactory.

Crafted – to make or produce (something) with care or skill.

Masterpiece – a great book, painting, piece of music, movie, etc.

Elves – a small creature in stories usually with pointed ears and magical powers.

Swiftly – happening or done quickly or immediately.

Shabbily – in poor condition especially because of age or use.

Chuckled – to laugh in a quiet way.

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