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Are you thinking about what degree you should study at university? You are probably a little worried about this decision since we all want to find the right balance between doing what we like and making money doing it. Here we are going to give you some of the best options that will allow you to do both. We are also going to tell you why English is the best tool for achieving that balance.

You already know that nowadays, English is the international language. It is the language to speak if you want to move around the world, meeting new people and expanding your job opportunities. Well, this very important tool can be matched with some specific degrees, which just might create your path to success.

English University Degrees

Within the innumerable possibilities offered by the different universities in the world, there are some careers require several languages or, at the very least, English. These are mainly those that, once you are working, will see you regularly interacting with people from different parts of the world. This is something that is extremely enriching and that will make your workday go by more quickly and more enjoyably. Let’s see which of these careers will be best for you.

Jobs That Require English: The Service Sector

The service industry is an excellent place for those who enjoy being surrounded by different people and that prefer less routine in their days. If you have this type of personality, here are some areas that could be good options for you.

  • Tourism and hostelry
  • Salesperson
  • Barista
  • Chef
  • Bartender
  • Pilot
  • Steward/Stewardess

As you can see, all of these careers offer an excellent opportunity to work and meet new people. Some allow you to travel continuously while others allow you to work closer to home because not everyone likes constant change. In the service industry, English is an extremely necessary tool as it allows you to communicate with everyone without issue so that you can enjoy your work even more.

Jobs That Require English: English Language

Just as there are careers that need several languages as communication tools, there are also careers for those who enjoy working with the English language itself. If you like English, the best option for you may be a career in which you are in continuous contact with this international language. Here are some options for those who enjoy working with people and for those who prefer to work enjoying their own company.

  • English teacher
  • A degree in English literature
  • English translator
  • Interpreter

Jobs That Require English: Science

The world of science is not only for those who fit into the scientist mould that we see on television. Rather, it is for all those who seek to take part in changing this world. Some of the careers with which you could cause a highly positive impact on society and the planet can be found in the field of science.

  • Astrophysics
  • Environmental sciences
  • Biomedical sciences
  • Physics
  • Genetics
  • Experimental sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Data science and engineering
  • Nanoscience
  • Food science and technology
  • Robotics

Many of the careers offered in the field of science today are the jobs of the future that will help shape the world, such as robotics, food engineering, and computers. If these jobs have something in common, it is that discoveries and materials are written about in English. So, if you want to be part of those who shape the universe, you have to know this language.

Finance Jobs for English Speakers

Knowing English will open many doors in the world of finance, many more than for those who cannot express themselves using this wonderful language tool. Some of the jobs in which you can succeed include:

  • Accountant
  • A degree in finance
  • Economist

These careers are ideal for those with a mathematical mind. Where are the biggest numbers of the world handled? Well, in countries that have English as their official language and where they move fluently in that language. By knowing how to speak English, you can achieve the best positions and salaries in the world of finance.

English Job Opportunities

As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities that knowing English add to your studies. The same goes for your job opportunities if you know English. Depending on what you decide to study and what your ideal job would be, you can choose from a wide range of places and types. You can combine your work with your desire to travel and get to know the world by working in different positions around the globe. Or, you can stay in one fixed place and learn about the world through the people that you meet along the way.

We hope that this article has helped you understand the importance of knowing English when choosing an area of study. If you want to work towards your future by dedicating yourself to something that you are passionate about and that gives you money at the same time, it is time to strengthen your English. As you do not have time to lose, we would like to offer our course. It is 100% online will allow you to learn or improve your English language skills in a very short time. Through our 144 free video classes, short films, and private teachers, you will discover how learning is a pleasure and success is a given.

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