lady gaga poker face

Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards

lady gaga poker face I’m sure many of you like to listen to music. Some of that music is probably in English. Do you like to sing along to some of your favorite songs? I love singing along to songs that I like! Singing along to songs is a great way to improve your English and keep learning new vocabulary.

Below is a short video of her acceptance speech. Her diction is clear and concise making it a great way to practice listening to improve your English. Here are some questions about her speech to help you with listening comprehension.

What does she call her fans when she is thanking them at the beginning of her acceptance speech?
How many siblings does Lady Gaga thank for her award? Hint: She mentions them after she thanks her parents.
What singer does she specifically thank at the very end of her speech?

Do any of you like Lady Gaga? She took home two Grammy awards on Sunday, February 13th for her song “Bad Romance” and her album “The Fame Monster”. She’s had huge international success! Her lyrics aren’t too complicated and great for singing along to, plus her eccentricity makes her entertaining to watch!

Vocabulary Words
diction – (noun) the clearness of a person’s speech
concise – (adj.) using few words : not including extra or unnecessary information
siblings – (noun) a brother or sister
awards – (noun) something (such as a prize) that is given to someone or something for being excellent or for doing something that is admired
huge – (adj.) very large
lyrics – (noun) the words of a song
eccentricity – (noun) the quality of being strange or unusual in behavior
entertaining – (adj.) amusing and enjoyable

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