How to Write Travel Reviews Properly in English

I bet that before you go to that new restaurant you’ve discovered or before booking an apartment for your next holiday, you read its reviews. For this reason, it’s also useful if you leave your opinion in the relevant forums or platforms. As most of these are international as they are about holidays, it’s much more practical to write your review in English so in today’s article we have included a couple of pieces of advice so that you make a good impression when reviewing things.

Get Down to Business!

As most people skim-read the content, it’s important to put a fitting title. Even if it seems like a great idea when you went to a certain restaurant to celebrate your 30th birthday, other readers are very unlikely to pick your review if you put My 30th Birthday as the title. The titles which include the most important information in a succinct way are better.

For example:

Best pizza in town

Great atmosphere, nice apartment and everything is clean

Good service although the food could do with some improvement

Amazing flat, but only for summer

What Should I Include in a Review?

Next your review must answer the following 5 questions: where?, who?, what?, when? and why? With such information, someone can see if they would have similar problems or if this is less likely. For example, if someone says in a review that a holiday apartment was great but that there were five people in it and it was a bit small for them, this wouldn’t be a problem if two people wanted to rent it.

(Where? In Barcelona. Who? Two Friends and I. When? In August).

(What? We stayed there one weekend; as we already knew the city, we didn’t have to visit the sights).

(Why? As it was summer and we already knew the city, we preferred to look for somewhere to stay near the beach. For those of you wanting to visit the city, it’s probably more practical to look for a more central apartment).

Check Your Reviews with a Fine Tooth Comb

To put the finishing touches to your review, you must reread it and check that the text has no grammar or spelling mistakes. Correct reviews seem more reliable and credible. Moreover, if possible, you should also add photos. As we know full well, a picture is worth a thousand words! If you also include a couple of top-secret tips, your review will be perfect.

I definitely recommend the Parmigiana as a starter. Delicious!

I wouldn’t order any starters. They’re not that special and the main courses are quite big so they’re actually enough.

If you pass by the little church, go in. At the back they have a beautiful garden and not many people know about it.

If you go up the hill behind the house, you’ll have an amazing view. Go up there for sunset!

If you go in winter, make sure you take your hot water bottle. The apartment is nice, but very cold and there is no heating!

This advice will allow you to write some useful reviews, for example, on Airbnb or TripAdvisor. Their readers will thank you for it!

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  1. Writing techniques such as a metaphor create vivid imagery that helps engage the reader and also emphasise the writer’s negative view.

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