How to Write an Email Wishing Someone Happy Holidays in English

During the holiday season, many feel the need to wish happy holidays to their co-workers or clients. This is a beautiful custom, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries, where the Christmas atmosphere invades all spaces.

Other people have holidays or some days off, making it a good opportunity to send an electronic postcard or an email to notify colleagues and clients that they will not be available during certain dates while wishing them all the best in the final days of the year at the same time. Do you know what to include in this kind of message and what parts are mandatory? In this article, we will present some ideas that you will definitely find useful.

Emails for Colleagues or Friends

The relationships within the company or institution in which you work are definitely important and intimate, so it is a good idea to send a friendly and meaningful email to your colleagues, collaborators, or friends.

Start with a friendly salutation, for example:

Dear Jonathan,

Hello Lily,

Continue with your main message, for example:

As you may know, I will take some days off during the holidays. I will be back on 2 January.

I just want to inform you that I will be out of the office only on 26 December and 2 January. On the other days, I will be working as usual.

Then wish them happy holidays, for example:

I wish you and your family the very best this holiday season.

I hope you have a wonderful time this Christmas.

I wish you a Happy Christmas and a bright New Year.

Use a valediction to say farewell, for example:

Best regards,

Yours truly,

Emails for Clients

If you plan on sending an email or an electronic postcard to your customers or suppliers, you should follow practically the same structure that we presented above but with some modifications because, in general, the relationships, in this case, are more formal.

Use a formal greeting or salutation, for example:

Dear Mrs Royal,

Dear Mr Longan,

In the body of the email, you can take advantage of your relationship with your clients, notify them of your office availability during the holidays, and end by wishing them a happy holiday. Take a look at this sample email:

I want to thank you for your collaboration and support in our business relationship. It has been a very successful and productive year.

In case you need anything in the coming days, I will be out of the office from 24 December until 2 January. But you can contact Ms Newton who would be happy to help you.

I am taking advantage of this opportunity to wish you and your entire team Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Then end your email, as usual, by using a closing or valediction, for example:


Best regards,

Thank you,

Now you know how to write an email in English to wish happy holidays to your colleagues, friends, and clients. Have you considered taking an English course online? ABA English puts 144 video classes, short films, and native teachers at your disposal so that you can achieve your language learning objectives and feel comfortable using English in any situation or context. Join our community of millions of students who are already learning English effectively all over the world!

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