How to offer someone something

Sometimes when we learn another language, we often concentrate too much on getting it perfect rather than getting our message across.
In English when we want to offer something to someone, there are many different ways we can word the offer giving us more variety and less worry about saying it perfectly

In today’s post we are going to focus on a few ways in which we can express these offers in a variety of English.

What is the most polite way of making an offer?

With most things in English, we generally use the conditional any time we wish to be polite and make suggestions- this is no exception.


  • Would you like…?
  • Would you care for…?

Using the conditional with offers is especially common if we are making the offer to someone who we do not know very well.

Are there more casual ways of offering something?

Instead of using the conditional to offer something to someone, we can use a simple present tense interrogative style question. It is not that this way is deemed as less friendly but just more casual.


  • Do you want a…?
  • Do you care for a…?
  • Do you fancy a… ?

As can be seen in these examples, they are more informal but have not lost the offer in itself. These would be the standard way of offering things among friends, family or people you are quite familiar with.

Is there a middle of the road expression?

If you do not wish to come across too casual or over polite, the modal verb “can” may be used to ensure politeness but not at an extreme level.


  • Can I get you a coffee?

This is something that would most likely be heard in a restaurant/café scenario where there is a customer involved. It is not too polite but shows a certain level of respect to the customer which is apt for this situation.

Is there anything important to remember?

Just focus on what suggestion is more suitable to certain types of situation and go from there. Over analysing every situation is not a good idea- just think polite or casual and from there you will develop an awareness of what is appropriate

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