How to connect to ABA’s live classes

Hello, friends!
A few months ago, ABA English started to broadcast live English classes through Facebook, presented by our Teacher Robin from Texas (USA).
Students have been enthusiastic about the classes since the very first one, but there are some who still don’t understand exactly how the live classes work. That’s why we’re going to explain in detail how to watch Teacher Robin’s live classes.

Follow ABA English on Facebook

The first requirement: you must have a Facebook account because the classes are broadcast on this network. If you don’t have an account, you cannot watch the classes.

Then, you should “Like” our Facebook page in order to receive notifications about the live classes. We also recommend signing up for the ABA English course, if you haven’t already. This way, you’ll receive email updates about the classes, in addition to grammar tips and promotional offers. It’s free!

It’s not necessary to have a Premium account to watch the classes. They’re free for anyone who wants to participate.

Select your region

Our live classes have different timetables so that students all over the world can watch them. To ensure that you can watch the classes at a time that’s convenient for you, choose your country of residence in the Facebook menu:

switch region page

country region 2

Click Interested and select Going to receive a reminder when the class is about to start.

Watch the class

You can watch the class on the ABA English Facebook page, from the app (mobile or tablet) or from your computer. If you have the Facebook app on your phone, you’ll receive a notification. Important: the live class is featured on the main ABA English Facebook page.. As soon as the live class starts, it will automatically appear on the main page. To watch it, you have 2 options. Go to and refresh the page until the class appears, if it hasn’t started yet. If you’re watching from the app, click on the main page and keep refreshing. You can also go to the Videos section, where you can click on the class being broadcast live (you’ll see a red button that says Live).

all videos image


Once the class has started, students can participate in the comments section. Write your questions for Teacher Robin and she’ll answer them live! The class lasts approximately 20 minutes.

live vid and comments image

Don’t worry if she doesn’t answer your question live. She’ll get to it later in the comments section. If you missed the livestreaming or were unable to attend, don’t worry: the class will stay in the videos section so that you can watch it later, whenever you have time.

The live classes are a fun way to learn English by interacting with Teacher Robin. If you still don’t follow us on our Facebook page, do it now and don’t miss the next live class. We know you’re going to love it!

After the live class, keep studying English with our online course:

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