Fashion, Celebrities, and the Oscars

Do you like following celebrities? Do you like fashion? Whether you like to or not, celebrities influence the fashions that become popular. Fashion designers use celebrities to advertise and sell their clothing and products. A good English exercise is watching award shows and interviews in English.

The Academy Awards ceremony, most commonly known as the Oscars, is especially popular because of the fashion. Some celebrities make headlines in the newspapers and magazines with the dress suits and evening gowns they wear to the awards show. Fashion critics and comedians come up with best and worst dressed lists the following day. The goal for many celebrities is to avoid the worst dressed list!

Björk, an Icelandic singer, made big news for wearing this controversial dress to the Oscars a few years ago.

Are you looking forward to seeing what your favorite stars will wear to the awards ceremony? Watching the red carpet is sometimes like watching a fashion runway show!

Which actors do you think will dress well this year?

Vocabulary Words to use for English exercises

Celebrities – (noun) a famous or celebrated person
Influence – (verb) to affect or change (someone or something) in an indirect but usually important way : to have an influence on (someone or something)
Advertise – (verb) to make the public aware of something (such as a product) that is being sold
Headlines – (noun) the title written in large letters over a story in a newspaper
Dress suits –  (noun) a man’s suit for formal evening dress,
Evening gowns – (noun) a long, formal dress that is worn to evening parties or events
Goal – (noun) something that you are trying to do or achieve
Controversial – (adj) relating to or causing much discussion, disagreement, or argument
Red carpet – (noun) to formally greet or welcome an important guest who has just arrived
Runway – (noun) a raised structure along which models walk in a fashion show

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