English Vocabulary: Idioms with flowers Part II


(that’s  “hello” in French).

Remember we did “Idioms with flowers part I” the other day? Well, we are going to continue with more idioms!

Jungle out there

If someone says that it is a jungle out there, they mean that the situation is dangerous and there are no rules.

“Welcome to New York City. Good luck on your first day at work, it’s a jungle out there!”


Knock on wood

This idiom is used to wish for good luck. (‘Touch wood’ is also used.)

“I really hope I get this job! Knock on word

Last straw

The last straw is the final problem that makes someone lose their temper or the problem that finally brought about the collapse of something. It comes from an Arabic story, where a camel was loaded with straw until a single straw placed on the rest of the load broke its back.

“It’s the last straw! First you don’t clean the house, then you make a mess and now you eat my food”

Late bloomer

When someone does not obtain success with their interests, talents, or personality until later in their lives, we say they are a late bloomer.

“John just made it as a writer in his 60’s… he’s a late bloomer

Lead someone up the garden path

If someone leads you up the garden path, they deceive you, or give you false information that causes you to waste your time. ‘Lead someone down the garden path’ is also used.

“I think Maria is leading you up the garden path… she won’t be able to get you that job”

Let the grass grow round your feet

If you let the grass grow round your feet, you delay doing things instead of taking action.

“Stop letting the grass grow round your feet. Go and ask her to dance!”

Little strokes fell great oaks

Meaning: even though something may seem impossible, if you break it up into small parts and take one step at a time, you will succeed.

“Don’t worry if you haven’t finished your book yet, write a little every day; little strokes fell great oakes

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