“Clothes” in English – ABA’s Jawbreakers

Our students often ask us to help them with their pronunciation, and in fact, our course is designed to encourage students to speak as often as possible.

In order to offer an additional resource, we decided to create a youtube series called “Jawbreakers”, which teaches you a new word every single week. You will learn how to pronounce it, what it means and how to use it in a sentence.

The following video will help you correctly pronounce the word “Clothes”.

Clothes is…..

What word do YOU find hard to pronounce?
Let us know in the comments below!


  1. In the sentence “In the clothesline with the cleaning cloths”. I don’t understand why we use “cloths” instead of “clothes”.
    Thanks for your lesson.

    • Hello!
      The mini dialogue is:
      – “Where are my clothes?”
      – “On the clothesline, with the cleaning cloths.”
      A cleaning cloth is a ​small ​piece of ​material, used in ​cleaning to ​remove ​dirt, ​dust, or ​liquid.
      When you do the laundry, you can mix clothes with cleaning cloths 😉

  2. Good morning Kate. You’re very interesting so that you got give your best to teach english around many contries. It’s necessary to help us which english isn’t our native language.
    I personly encourage you to continou your action. God bless you for that and good success for ABA English.


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