British beach towns you have to visit

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Getting to know a country really well and visiting interesting places is all part of learning a language. Did you know that in the United Kingdom there are lots and lots of beautiful, interesting seaside towns? In today’s post we are going to introduce you to (If you haven’t heard of them already, that is) 5 beautiful British seaside towns which are 100% worth a visit if you can get round to it.


If you’re from the United Kingdom, this isn’t a town whose name you hear on a regular basis, but is definitely one that you should take a trip to. With its blue flag beach and almighty parish church, this quaint little seaside town with a Victorian edge is a real crowd pleaser in Norfolk and further afield. Its pier is beautiful and offers stunning views of the town and its parish church. Furthermore, due to the fact that tourism hasn’t overrun this town, it hasn’t lost its quaint little taste.  Definitely worth the drive.


What a stunning and unfamiliar little place. Not as famous as big towns like Blackpool and Brighton but certainly not lacking in charm by any means, Rock, just northeast of Newquay has a lot to offer its visitors. If you are a fan of wildlife and birdwatching, this picturesque town has a huge bird population so it is ideal for catching a glimpse of birds that you love but don’t always get the chance to see. It is rumoured that royalty come here to holiday too or perhaps, just to get away from their hectic schedules and lives.


This Kentish town on the English Channel is always up to date and is very well kept because of the number of visitors it receives year upon year. Due to its popularity, there is an abundance of things to do here, so visitors will never be bored whatsoever. One of the most popular activities for tourists which has marvelled them for years is the inexplicable shell grotto where the walls are covered in shells in a series of underground rooms and tunnels. This is something that will blow everyone away!


Home to a UNESCO world heritage site, Weymouth is definitely a coastal town worth a visit! With its vibrant array of shops, restaurants and bars this really is a seaside town with something for everyone! Like some of the towns mentioned previously, Weymouth’s beach also has blue flag status making it a firm favourite of locals from near and far. If you are a major history fan, this coastal town for the history tours of the surrounding areas that can be done, should be right up at the top of your list!


Located on the west coast of Scotland and being generally small in size, Oban can actually be bustling in the summer months with thousands and thousands of tourists descending on it to see how beautiful the town is along with trying the delicious seafood that is caught daily in the surrounding waters. If you are one for outdoor activities this is definitely a seaside town for you as well as the mountains around the town offer breathtaking views.

Don’t know which seaside town to choose…?


Visit them all! No, on a more serious note, visiting them all in one go is not highly likely as they are not all in close proximity. Think about what you like to do best and try and plan a trip to the one that best suits what you like to do. After that in the future you can plan trips to the rest if you have time. We definitely recommend that you visit them all if you have the chance however.

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