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Beginner Grammar – Interrogative Pronouns

How are you today? We hope you are having a great week. Today we are going to look at Interrogative Pronouns. They are the core to asking questions in English when we want to find out information about a very specific question.

Who? – refers to a person

What? – refers to a thing

Whom? – refers to a person

Whose? – refers to a person

Which? – refers to a thing or person

Let’s take a look at some questions and answers below to better understand how to use these pronouns.


– Who did you invite to the wedding?

– I invited Isabel, she is my best friend.


What do you think that noise is?

– I’m not sure, it could be the neighbour.


Whose bicycle is that?

– I think it’s Jessica’s. It’s been lying outside the whole night!


Which dress do you think looks better, Sandy?

– I prefer the red one.


Remember that whom is the correct form when the pronoun is the object of the verb. Whom is not often used in spoken English these days, so just remember you will sound very formal if you use it in conversation.

For more information on how to use whom, check out this blog post on when to use who or whom.


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