Advanced Grammar – “To be on the point of”


Ok, so remember we looked at the expression “to be about to“? No? Here’s the LINK.

In that post we learnt all about how to use “to be about to” in the present, past and future, with lots of examples. This lesson can be found on the ABA English Course Unit 122 “An Exciting Future”, together with additional speaking exercises, writing exercises, vocabulary exercises and more.

Today we want to look at a similar expression, which is  “to be on the point of“.

To be on the point of

This expression is always followed by a gerund, the -ing form of the verb. It means to be just about to do something.


“I was on the point of calling you when you rang”

“They were on the point of leaving when their friends arrived”
The expression is very rarely used, but it’s good to know!

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  1. Hello!! Would it be OK to say: “I was AT the point of calling you…” ? If not, is this expression ever used in other cases? At the point of…?
    Thanks in advanced!!

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