Advanced Grammar – Compound Words with ‘Every’


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Welcome to the final lesson in compound words. If you remember, we have studied compound words with “some”, compound words with “no”, compound words with “any” and now we will learn how to use compound words with “every”.

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Do you have a pen?

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Good. Let’s go!

Compound nouns with “every”

We use compound nouns with the word “every” to refer to all things, all places or every person.

Everything = all things

Everywhere = all places

Everyone (and everybody) = all people

The words “everyone” and “everybody” have the same meaning.

For example:

“I love everything in that shop!”

“Their house is like a zoo, there are animals everywhere

“Helen invited everyone to her party”

Everybody loves strawberries and cream”


You are FANTASTIC! Now you know all about compound words using “every”.

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