Advanced Grammar – Compound Words with ‘Any’

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Remember we learnt all about compound words with “some”? Well today we are going to look at compound words with “any”.

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Compound Words with “Any”

Remember that compound words with “some” are used in positive sentences. Compound words with “any” are used in negative sentences after the adverb “not” and in questions.

Negative Sentences

Not + any + body = not anybody

Not + any + one = not anyone

Not + any + thing = not anything

Not + any + where = not anywhere

“Not anybody” and “not anyone” have the same meaning and are used when we are talking about a person o people. “Not anything” refers to objects and “not anywhere” refers to a place.


“There wasn’t anybody there who spoke Italian”

“I don’t have anyone to love”

“There isn’t anything I like”

“We won’t have anywhere to park”


So what are the combinations with “any” in questions?

Any + body = anybody…?

Any + one = anyone…?

Any + thing = anything…?

Any + where = anywhere…?


“Do you know anybody in the States?”

“Does anyone want a cup of tea?”

“Do you want anything from the shop?”

“Is there a hospital anywhere near here?”

Other Compound Words

We also use “anybody”, “anyone”, “anything” and “anywhere”  when who, where, what or when is not really relevant.


Anyone can ride a bike. It’s easy!”

You are AWESOME! Now you know all about compound words using “any”.

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