ABA Street Challenge – Episode 28

ABA English is also on YouTube! You can watch all the episodes of the ABA Street Challenge, as well as check out a selection of our ABA Films and videoclasses.

Each week, ABA English challenges a contestant to a live quiz in the street. If they answer correctly, they win a 1 Year Subscription to our course. If they lose… they get the “Water Lesson”: they get soaked by a bucket of water.

How can you participate? Play the game with us! Our videos are interactive, so you can also click on the correct answer and see whether you were right or wrong.

How does it work?

1. Watch the video and listen to the quiz
2. Click the correct answer
3. Listen to Teacher Ella’s explanation

English Quiz

How much do you weigh?

a. I don’t want to wait
b. My weight is a hundred pounds
c. That girl is the same weight as mine

You can watch all the episodes HERE!

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