A lesson on object pronouns


How would you consider your knowledge of object pronouns to be? Don’t panic if it isn’t up scratch.

Ok, in unit 1 of the  ABA course you started learning “subject pronouns”, which are:









And, in unit 33 you learnt all about “possessive pronouns”:









If you need to refresh your memory go back and take a quick look at those units so you can fully understand how to use both subject and possessive pronouns.

Today, however, we are going to be looking at “object pronouns.” They are not used as the subject in a sentence but rather as an object of the verb or of a preposition.

Singular form             Plural form

Me                                  Us

You                                 You

Him                                Them

Her                                 Them

It                                      –

Object pronouns always go after the verb in a sentence in place of a noun. Let’s look at an example, shall we?

If we used an object pronoun in the sentence “I love Jane”, it would simply become “I love her.” We could also say “she loves me.”

So the sentence “I take Mark to school” or “ We help Mary with her work after school” could become:

“I take him to school”

“We help her with her work after school”


Mark takes us to school

Using object pronouns after prepositions is also very easy, let’s take a look!

I send her a letter

If the object pronoun is not used first you always need to the use a preposition, for example:

I send a letter to her


I send it to her (“it” refers to the letter)

This letter is for us

That food is for them

Let’s make sure you understand by checking out a couple more examples:

You care about me

She likes me, but I love her

Did you like him?

Tell her to call me

If you would like to learn more about object pronouns or any grammar point, make sure you join million of students and start learning with the ABA English course.

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