A Day in the Life of an ABA Student

It is seven in the morning. Julie does not really want to get up, but she can already smell coffee in the air. For thirty years, she has woken to the smell of coffee in the morning and sometimes thinks that she would not know what to do without it. There is not a single day that starts without that heavy aromatic smell spreading slowly from the kitchen until it reaches her bedroom.

Start with an ABAmoment

Julie, still in her pajamas, greets Leonard and turns on the computer. This is another part of her Monday morning rituals, a sweet and familiar way to begin the week. Taking a quick look at her Instagram, John has posted some new photos and Marian has just finished her Master’s in Sociology. Later, while eating something, she looks at an ABAmoment while Leonard comments on the morning’s news.

The ABAmoment is just what she needs: fast, effective, and fun content that will help her to focus just enough before the morning conversations have a chance to distract her attention from the computer. The short films present situations from daily life, like taking the bus, going shopping, or going out with friends. How funny! This morning, the ABAmoment talks about a situation which she will have to face today: a work lunch. She will have to meet an American manager she had called a few weeks ago. Well, the short film is perfect for this. She is learning how to order food and ask for the bill, immediately practicing the phrases she will need to act as an interpreter for her guest. How she hates business lunches! Why was she born so shy?

Video Classes

Jacket under her arm and wallet in her purse, Julie is ready to start the day. It takes 20 minutes to get to the city center by bus, just enough time to watch two video classes! To think that Julie was never able to learn English in school… but the ABA English method is perfect. She starts the morning with a few words in an everyday context to listen to and understand, then has grammar classes later. Today she gets phrasal verbs! She really hated these in school, but with the ABA English video classes everything seems easier. Now it doesn’t seem like there are so many, they will only take a little commitment to understand. It seems like just a minute has passed, but she has already arrived at her bus stop. A few steps and the day begins!

A Personal Teacher to Help Tackle Workplace English

How stressful it is to have to interact with the American manager! She never thought she would be able to make herself understood, but her personal teacher Robin was great yesterday during their live English class on Facebook. Her classes with Robin are fun and interactive. They only take about 20 minutes and the students can write their questions in the designated space to get the answers live at the end of class. Julie had told the teacher that she had a work meeting coming up and Robin had really helped her. Robin had given her some sentences to know what to say and how to respond, both in informal moments, like when drinking coffee, and in formal business situations. Julie had even managed to make some comments about the current state of the US Stock Exchange while speaking to the American manager, but still cannot believe that she is listening to herself speak English!

Despite the difficulties and the risks, investing in the market is still one of the best ways to accumulate wealth. Of course, it is essential to bet on the right actions.

And now, what does she have to do? Oh yes, the work lunch. But her ABAmoment had taken away the anxiety she felt about that. The starter, the main course, the dessert, the work lunch, and the business had all gone perfectly. This is going to be the best Monday of the year!

It is already 7 pm. She quickly says goodbye to her colleagues and heads for home. She spends the return trip reading a book, but cannot help remembering the English words she had learned that morning as well as the day’s successes. Julie reviews all the sentences she had said in English, thinking about her accent, pronunciation, and the words themselves. She knows that she was not perfect, but also knows that what matters is progress. Now that she has overcome her initial fears, her English will improve more and more!

The Exercises

Of course, Leonard is really supportive. While he prepares something in the kitchen, Julie sits down at the computer once more. This time it is serious. There are online exercises about the phrasal verbs she had learned that morning. After learning the grammar, it is essential to consolidate the theory with written exercises: this is the only way to learn to write in English without spelling mistakes and while taking in the new vocabulary with minimal effort. It only takes half an hour! With a little work, she might even have time to help Leonard out in the kitchen. Starting with the short films she watched that morning, passing through the video lessons, she arrives at the nighttime exercises.

This natural method is simple, effective, and never boring! She finishes just in time for dinner. But it is not over yet, Julie will practice a little tonight with Leonard. He is always saying that he wants to improve his English as well. How else could they finally realize their dream of visiting New York together in December?

If you find the ABA English teaching method interesting, you can try the 144 grammar videos with their related exercises for free. Learn English naturally with ABA!

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